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Raise your hand if you want to be a writer. Now, raise your hand if you have enough ideas to keep you busy for years to come. If you’re like most people, your hand (or your heart) just sank. Sure, sometimes you have tons of idea – but not always. So how do you get enough ideas?

Ideas are actually all around us everyday. When writer’s block hits you, pick up a book, a magazine or a newspaper. Turn on the news on the TV or the radio. What is going on in your world that affects you, surprises you, or touches your heart?

Next time you’re out in a situation where you would normally have your earbuds in and the music pumped up on your mp3 player, turn it off. Listen to people’s conversations. What is going on in the world around you that perhaps you’ve tuned out because you’re so busy? Chances are that whatever the buzz is about on the train, on the bus, in the grocery store or wherever you find us, that same buzz is interesting enough to write about.

How about you? Where do you get ideas from?


Happy Fall!

Happy Fall Readers!

Here at AstraPress we are working on a marketing plan for currently published works and also working through some new projects that we have in the pipeline. Its an exciting time. And we’re happy to be immersed in writing and reading. Right now, we’re interested in collecting poetry for an upcoming anthology. The theme is ‘Positive Poetry’. So if you have something that can fit with that theme, let us know!

Hot off the Press!

This post happily announces AstraPress’s publishing debut with Discord, Disillusionment & Determination: A Poetry Anthology by Julie A Pierce. This anthology explores the depths of emotional torrents roiling from relationships gone awry, domestic violence, depression and recovery. You may see a friend, loved one or relative reflected on these pages. You may even see yourself.

Click here to purchase:

The book is published at and has a retail price of $1.99. However, readers of this blog can receive a 30% discount when entering the following coupon code upon checkout: BU84Q. This coupon is good until October 8, 2012.

Read more about it here:

Stages of Publishing

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Hello All!

From a writer’s point of view, we often only focus on the creative process of writing.  However, from a publisher’s point of view, there is a lot more to the process.  Of course there would be no such thing as publishing without writing – but still, there remains a bigger picture to contemplate.

One of the most important parts of the process is the editing phase.  Some view editting as painful or even get offended by the changes and suggestions of an editor.  As writers, we feel that our written product is our creation – and it can be hurtful for someone to tell us that our creation is not perfect. 

However, I would like to suggest an alternate view of the editing process:  No editor is going to put in the long hours of perfecting your ‘baby’, if the end product did not already possess a great intrinsic value.  So think of it this way – these changes are being made because my project is WORTHWHILE!

That should get you pumped up!

Here at AstraPress, we are pumped up because we have an author’s work in the editing process!  These are exciting times.

As always, keep writing!


Submissions are in!

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A big thanks to everyone who submitted proposals and drafts! We will be reviewing them and making choices soon.  Keep writing!

Welcome to Astra Press

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From now until May 30th, we are accepting submissions.  We are looking for that unique and independent voice.  Is it you?

We publish fiction and non fiction.  The sky is the limit – we are not limited by certain categories of work.  We just seek compelling and striking writing.

Send proposals/excerpts to  Keep it under 1000 words.  No attachments.